Terms and condition

• You may cancel the Services at any time by logging into the Ticket Desk Support System (for verification) and requesting cancellation of services.

  • In 10 days money will be fully refunded . if you purchase plan , Unlimited plan or Combo plan then refund within 10 days will be initiated with deducting the domain charges and ssl charges.After no refund will be initiate except unlimited plan . In unlimited plan refund after 10 days will be along with deduction of not refound Domain name and usage

Website designing

Project completed, 3 or 7 working days, after published on our website,

E-commerce website

Project completed, 7 or 15 working days, after published on our website,

Android app published Play Store

Project completed, android apps 5 or 6 working days, after published on our application Google Play Store

1.If the account is being inactive more than 3 months then it will be terminated permanently without any information to avoid any load on or junk on our servers.
2.Hosting which expires and doesnt renew within 15 days from its expiry date will be terminated completely . Deleted data cant be restorable in this case and either through mail or call client will be informed . Webiz technical will not be responsible if client doesnt able to check mail or recieve call regarding renewal ,

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